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We are a ministry that loves God and people, and focuses on serving military veterans.


Here on the Ranch

Team Building

Team Building with other veterans forms a bond that leads to healing. Interaction through fun and challenging activities, worship, and prayer opens up pathways to recovery.


Located in the world’s best area for pheasant hunting, The Ranch offers exciting hunting opportunities for groups during pheasant season. Other hunting opportunities arise throughout the year, too.


There are multiple ranges at The Ranch. Marksmen can enjoy four different ranges, including a 100-yd rifle range, 50-yard pistol range, plus a 300-yard sniper range. There’s also an eight-position skeet range, too.


The Ranch offers riding opportunities for all skill levels. A few hours on horseback can prove therapeutic as well as fun. It brings the rider closer to nature, and interaction with a responsive animal works to both calm the rider and build confidence.

Firearms Safety

Firearm safety at The Ranch is designed to offer a greater understanding of real-world examples in which they might be forced to use a firearm in defense of themselves or another.


The Ranch kicks excitement into high gear with a dirt track over a half mile long. Drivers can choose between ATVs and regular go-karts. Both can hit speeds over 40 mph. The challenges and fun are just waiting for you and your group.

Connecting with God

Worship is critical to our ministry. We have areas both outdoor and indoor dedicated to that end. There’s nothing quite like worshiping God in a natural setting with people who are genuinely concerned for your well-being.


Anglers will find relaxation at The Ranch. Enjoy quiet times while taking in nature’s beauty and challenge yourself as you cast lines. Troll the lake waters at your own pace, whether the goal is to catch dinner or catch up with life.

More Activities

Just walk around The Ranch and you’ll find something for everyone. Opportunities abound to try something new. There are places for roping, reading, studying, praying and more. Every visitor will learn about themselves, build relationships that enhance life and open doors to healing.

Personal History and Ministry of Ken Korkow

Picture in your mind the farms and ranches near Pierre, South Dakota – a landscape similar to what’s shown in the movie “Dances With Wolves” (the film was shot right in this area). This land produces feed corn, wheat, soybeans, and seed grains. It also produces people of the land who’ve inherited a profound sense of tenacity and pride in a job well done at the end of a day filled with hard work. One of those is Ken Korkow.

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