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On The Ranch

The Ranch offers multiple ways for marksmen to challenge themselves and hone their skills. There are four individual shooting ranges here that cater to a wide range of interests and skill levels. These ranges are especially popular with veterans who are well-trained marksmen and gun owners who may not have access to a safe, controlled area for shooting.

Our 300-yard sniper range accommodates 50-caliber weapons and provides a distinctive challenge. Other shooting opportunities include a 100-yard high-power rifle range, a 50-foot pistol range, and a skeet range offering eight positions with opposing electric clay pigeon throwers. These ranges are built to not only challenge but educate. The ranges at The Ranch host firearm and archery safety courses conducted by the South Dakota Department of Conservation and hunter safety instructors.

These marksmanship activities create community and self-discovery. Guests interested in using these ranges don’t even have to bring their own firearms. The Ranch gives guests a choice of multiple shotguns and long rifles, as well as a choice of ammunition. Additionally, the firearm storage and cleaning facilities found at The Ranch enable shooters to experience the best the sport has to offer.

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